This many people can’t be wrong…years of testimonials are real reviews, can all be viewed during your showroom experience

Our DJ Steve Max was excellent at getting everyone involved and really added to make our reception memorable for all.  Thank you so Much Steve!!  Mr. & Mrs. Kliska 4/24/09

This is the second time we hired your company and found you most cooperative and friendly.  Mr. Parker D. Williams 6/11/09

Thank you for your time in doing our wedding, through the problems we had, your company pulled through for us. Mark  & Sue Valcour 06/25/09

Steve Max is an excellent disc jockey. The service he provided us for our wedding was outstanding.  He was very friendly and made helpful suggestions.  I would higly recommend Feel The Sound with Music In Motion to family and Friends. Jeff  & Tammy Allard 07/16/09

Steve Max was excellent!  He was extremely attentive and had everyone up dancing all night long. Carol L.Isabelle 08/13/09

Steve, Thank you for a job well done!  Mandy Smith-Dodeir 08/07/09

I can’t extend enough how pleased we were with Feel The Sound with Music In Motion at our wedding reception.  Everything was great from beginning to end.  We will recommend you highly in the future.  Mr. & Mrs. Everett Chaput 09/03/09

Your DJ Jillian did an outstanding job.  She was a great part of the success of the evening. We have heard rave revues of her talent, music, and personality and the revues were dead on. Your compnay will always be highly recomended. Brenda & ED Begicbing 09/24/09

Personal attention to individuals and offering a copy of the “SPECIALTY” dance music on a CD was awesome.  Thank you guys, Diane Mollet 09/10/09

Thank you Music In Motion, for a great day, my DJ was great, (Jeff) and hope to see you all at the club sometime soon and I’ll buy you all a drink;-)  Joan & Barry Bouchard 09/17/09

Steve Max was excellent at getting everyone involved and really added to make our reception memorable for all.  Thank you so much Steve. Deb & Mike Edwards 10/15/09

Steve Max is a very proffessional person.  His attitude and compasion is extremely excellent. I adore and appreciate proffessional attitude being in customer service myself. Debra Leccleth 10/21/09

Thank you all so much for a wonderful and great time ay my wedding!!  OMG Everyone complimented on how “SUPER” Jess was,  Thanx again Feel The Sound!  Susan & Steve McGowan 10/22/09

Being in Customer Service myself,  I would have to rate this DJ compnay excellent!!  Prior to the event Steve Max kept in close contact making sure we were all set.  He assigned Jeff to my wedding and Jeff did a great job the night of the party.  I felt as if I didn’t have to worry about my dj from the first time we met at the Showroom to the end of my reception.  The dj was very professional and took care of business.  Excellent Job guys!!  Highly recommendable. Carole Carlson 02/11/10

Volume of music was a little too loud, I did ask to have it turned down, and once it was turned down the music was awesome.  However, the guest did have a great time!  Overall, Steve Max did an excellent job considering he had a wedding coordinator (who I regret hiring) was not easy to work with.  Thank you Steve you handlle stress well. Suzanne & Neil Hayland 03/25/10

Steve Max was instrumental in making our wedding reception a fantastic success and a memorable event.  We would highly recommend your compnay. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel West 04/22/10

Steve, I speak for the whole Church committee and those who attended our event that in every”CATEGORY”you were amaing.  Which helped to make the evening a great success. God Bless – Forest Street Union Church-Janet Kliska 04/29/10

Once again, We were very happy with the service you provided at our wedding.  Keep up the good work gang and the showroom is what sold for us. Shawn & Lori Gagnon 05/13/10

Steve, I appreciate you making it a wonderful night for our seniors.  James Mayers 05/06/10

We were very satisfied with your service. I would hire you again and recommend your company!  Thanks for helping me make Ed’s party a success!  Terry Webter 05/20/10

Everyone had the best time!  The music selection was great to dance to.  Steve Max is a great DJ. Thanks. Tom & Linda Solberg 07/01/10

Jillian, Kendra and I are so pleased we selected you for our Daughter’s Quinceanera, you are a true professional entertainer and helped plan our special daughter’s day since day 1, thank you, The Heberts 07/15/10

Steve was great and a lot of fun.  If you need a reference plese let us know.  (you might check that ol’spell check too) haha! Brenda & Gin Lewis.07/22/10

Steve helped to make our BBQ a success!  The game package was dynamite and tons of fun.  Wish he was available for our Christmas Party but I’m sure Jeff will be great too!  Amsco Inc. 08/13/10

Feel The Sound with Music In Motion was perfect for the occasion.  Lisa & Bruce Smith.09/16

Everything was great the whole niht and ended in great success.  Thanks to Keeping things going and Thank you for everything. Carol Pellerin.10/21/10

Steve Max was articulate, well groomed, professional dressed in a tuxedo, Friendly, and a lot of fun.  I would recommend him to anyone getting married.  The Woodbury’s 11/04/10

Jillian did an absolutely marvelous job!  Everyone at the wedding commented at how smoothly things were run and she kept things hopping!  Thanks again Jillian. Debra Jean.11/11/10

All my people had a “GREAT TIME” they want Steve Max next year too. They liked the way you handled the eletronic mixes, Everybody was happy and its hard to please everybody and you DID Steve!  Mildred Chadwick.12/01/10

Steve Max exceeded all my expectations.  Thanks. Michelle Des Marais.12/02/10

You made what would have been a mediore party into a great party, Unfortunately the storm prevented more people from attending.  Thanks for your enthusiasm and tye ability to calm me down. Patricia and Gary Mann.12/14/10

Comany once again did a fine job, Once again we were very happy with your services.  Jeff your DJ did a fine job and played music that kept all the guests dancing.  The sax player you recommedned went well.  Thanks,  Royal Arch Chapter of the Tabernacle-Steve Graffam.12/110/10

Steve, I know it ended early because of the nasty weather but everyone did have a great time.  They want to do it all over again next year, Thanks for help making our wedding a success.  Dave & Karen Parella.12/17/10

Many people commented on how good the music was and had a lot of fun.  Camelle Baker.03/31/11

Everything was wonderful.  The Decor lighting you supplied made the room breathless as soon as you walked in.  The music added a great deal to the party, I recieved many compliments.  Thank you Jeff and Steve. Dawn and Mark Lareau  04/27/11

Several students made a point to come up and compliment me on the music, there was an excellent mix of music that kept everyone happy.  Middleton Junior High-Karen Patter 05/10/11

Thanks for everything Feel The Sound!  Steve Max really made the reception fun!  Bob & Michelle Dennis 05/17/11

Dj Jeff met me at the door to make sure everything was correct with any last minutes changes and he took control lining up my Bridal party to announce them in correctly.  DJ was very eager to please us in the way we wanted our wedding to be and accomplished just that! John J. and Mary O’Rourke Jr 05/18/11

I have already recommended you for a party for Laura Baccini and would highly recommend you to anyone else. You were everything you promised and more, Thank you so very much!! Walker 06/07/11

We really appreciate you being our DJ,for our wedding and we are glad to be friends with you all.  You did an excellent job Jillian.  We well keep in touch Steve and attend your open house. Thanks again. Mr & Mrs. Jeffrey Richard 06/08/11

I will keep your brochure and business card in my project graduation folder for referrals to any other classes who wish your facilities.  Thanks.  Bill Prescotto 06/09/11

Thank you very much for making our day so special, you did a great job Steve! Mike & Missy Medeiros 06/15/11

Everything was perfect, it coudn’t have been better.  Steve Max was great! Mr & Mrs Jeff Bernard 07/20/11

Excellent motivation as you had everyone dancing, laughing, and having a wonderful time. Jennefer & Kevin Bolanger 07/26/11

Jeff Jones kept everything moving from the cake cutting to the last dance. He was able to keep everyone dancing until the time the reception ended.  We and all our guest were very pleased with the showroom and we will recommend you to anyone who asks for a DJ compnay. Matt & Kim Ryan 08/24/11

I would  recommend you to all my friends!  You guys were awesome!!  Thank you for making my wedding complete and a lot of fun.  Lison Rollins 08/31/11

Steve was so incredibly helpful and so generous with his time.  He was very professional and made our wedding reception a huge hit!  Mr & Mrs Scott Neale 09/31/11

Great job!  If we ever need a DJ again we know who to call.  Mr & Mrs Shawn Murphy 11/16/11

Every one seem to enjoy themselves, there was a lot of people getting up to dance that I didn’t think would dance.  We all had a fun time.  Thanks guys.  James Mason 03/22/12

Look forward to working with you again, everyone (including chaperones) were very happy with the DJ.  As soon as I set next year’s PROM date you’ll be hearing from me.  Ellen J.Healy Middlebrook High School 02/15/12

Thank you for making my sister’s engagment party a success.  There was nothing but compliments!  To bad you guys can’t be our wedding DJ.  Thank you again for everything! Tanya kaeam 03/22/12

Steve Max is a very good reliable and competent DJ.  There is no party that he can not perform that do not end with rave reviews.  He has taken over several events for me and has my high recommendation.  I have a part -time DJ business myslef and I always recommend Steve if I’m already booked. My philosophy has always been that the person I recommend to Dj a function is a reflection on me. Chip McConney 03/26/12

Thank you for a wonderful evening you helped make our day special!  I will recommend you to everyone.   Christine &John Martinson 03/28/12

Thank you so much Feel The Sound with Music In Motion for helping us with our party.  You kept things flowing with the games which gave me more time to do other things.  We appreciate the service your company provied us for my daughter’s Sweet 16.  Linda Lambert 05/03/12

We had a great time!  We’ve heard back from many our guests who all agree the entire evening was a wonderful success and we thank you for making it so!  Heldge & Christine Wensing 05/09/12

We were very pleased with the entertainment.  We’ve received many comments from parents that the Students had a good time.  You’ll be hearing from us in the future. Deborah Kaplan 05/17/12

Willing to work with us from abroad and there was Never any complaints or problems when needed to make changes last minute.  Jillian did an excellent job! Kerry Anne & Marc Jobin 05/31/12

We were very pleased with the DJ at my 20th Class Reunion.  Jeff Jones our DJ was good at getting everyone up off their seats dancing.  We would not hesitate to call you all again for our 25th Class reunion. Mary Campbell 06/16/12

I thought Jillian was excellent.  I have all positve comments from the guests.  I have a 50th birthday in a couple years and we’ll be calling you Jillina. Mr & Mrs Frank E.Beans 06/16

Loved the ending circle!  You kept us on time and organized.  Great job organizing long distance (our daughter lives in texas) wish I had the time that day to thank you better in person Steve.  Nancy J.Quick 09/07/12

Andy and I thought the reception was PERFECT!  You were great Steve Max!!  We really appreciate all the effort, from organization and patience you provided.  Our guests all had a great time and told us how much fun they had.  We really want to thank you for making our reception so wonderful and if we could we would do it all over again next weekend. Andrew & Mary Stewart 09/08/12

Steve did an excellent job, he played good variety of music.  He got everybody to dance.  We would recommend you to anyone and would like to have you for the future events.  Cindy & Warren Gilby 05/04/13

Mr. Jeff DJ Jones provided excellent services and terrific sound quality.  The showroom was the deciding factor for us to hire them and I’m gald we did. Thank you Jeff. Greer & Gordon Bean 07/26/13

Jeff Got all the guests involved dancing and friendly with everyone.  Jeff actually stood by the door and welcomed everyone that arrived prior to our arrival.  Highly recommended.  Rhonda & Craig Connors 08/17/13

Steve was a pleasure to work with. He made our special day a memorable and a pleasant one. Michelle & Steve Mc Sweeney 09/14/13

Seeing as it poured out and we changed to our reception inside our house it went very well and Steve handled it very well.  Allan Roulean 06/01/13

They switched our DJ at the last minute because the one they assigned to me never returned my calls.  Steve called me right away and was very pleasant. He played music that he knew we would like it and he was great with announcements.  He got out there and did the chicken dance,too and OMG we were very pleased  Mr & Mrs Giles 06/16/13

Excellent job!!!  Thanks Music In Motion. Cheryl & Darin Hollis 06/22/13

Jillian did great!  I mailed out the survey thing,  I think…  Jill was absolutely wonderful.  She had everyone having a great time and we really appreciate your services.  Mr & Mrs Demers 07/20/13

Steve Max was great!  We are so happy that we chose him for our wedding!  The showroom is a huge seller.  Kimberly & Robert Augeri 08/05/13

We were so pleased with the DJ services that you provided for our wedding!  Thanks very much!   Mr & Mrs David Choiniere 08/10/13

Steve Max was wonderful! We had several set-backs that day so it was especially wonderful that he jumped into action and did his part to perfect our weddin.  We really appreciate you and must hire this company for your wedding!  Sharon & Jeff Secora 08/24/13

I was impressed with the services that you provided vs. other companies that I contacted. I think that your showroom is so helpful!  With a preview, you know exactly what you are getting.  Everyone at this company was very professional and I think that your fees are very reasonable.  Got my recommendation and thank you Steve.  Mr & Mrs Doug Wilcox 08/16/13

We had a very nice day and Jeff (DJ) was definitely a big part of that!  We were very happy with the whole experience and feel that Steve Max was professional through out and did a great job selecting Jeff for our wedding.  He kept everyone entertained and dancing until the end.  We have a lots of great compliments from our family/friends!  Mr & Mrs Craig Chaffe 09/14/13

Jillian, Thank you for such a memorable evening, it was wonderful and you are wonderful. Mr & Mrs Darin Hollis 06/29/13

Steve Max did a great job.  He was very easy to work with and very accomodating.  He had some good ideas to personalize the reception to make it that much more special for my husband and myself.  He was also very professional and supplied professional services.  Mrs. Linda Neault 10/19/13

The entertainer Steve Max was great at getting everyone dancing.  He was also great at introducing everyone at the wedding party.   Mr & Mrs Peter Fischetto 10/05/13

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